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  5. what is "Stainless steel " ?
  6. Method for increasing vessel lining life for basic oxygen furnaces
  7. Process and apparatus for refining steel in a metallurgical vessel
  8. Classification of Different Types of Steels
  9. aluminum alloys
  10. Metallurgy definitions
  11. From powders to sintered pieces: forming, transformations and sintering of nanostructured ceramic oxides
  12. Effects of SiC addition on the structure and properties of reticulated porous mullite ceramics
  13. Effect of Na2O additions on the sinterability and piezoelectric properties of lead-free 95(Na0.5K0.5)NbO3–5LiTaO3ceramics
  14. Refractories and Furnace/Kiln Design
  15. Optically transparent ceramics by spark plasma sintering of oxide nanoparticles
  16. Fabrication of Transparent Polycrystalline Yttria Ceramics by Combination of SPS and HIP
  17. Materials Analysis Techniques
  18. Diffusion
  19. How to make big things out of small pieces
  20. Welding Defects
  21. Casting
  22. corrosion and surface engineering